iPod Nano in Scratch Resistant X2 Coating

J&R is taking pre-orders on another iPod Nano protection scheme. Instead of a case they are offering Nano's custom painted with X2 scratch resistant liquid plastic coating. The iPods are cleaned, painted and cured under UV light to apply the coatings which come in six different color combinations. The process adds… » 4/02/06 7:16pm 4/02/06 7:16pm

A-Bike Folds Small, Weighs Little

The A-Bike is the lightest folding bike in its class, weighing in at just 12 pounds. The bike is ultra-portable and with practice can be folded or unfolded in just 10 seconds. Despite the tiny wheels, the bike can achieve normal speeds without forcing you to pedal like a madman. The completely enclosed chain system… » 4/02/06 7:15pm 4/02/06 7:15pm

Angstrom's A2 Light: 24 hours On One Charge

Brighter, faster and smarter, the A2 Fuel Cell Flashlight from Angstom is a portent of things to come as hydrogen fuel cell technology begins to take hold. Compared to similar LEDs, the A2 also puts out 10x the amount of light with it's 1-watt LED for the same amount of power. The flashlight uses hydrogen fuel stored… » 3/27/06 2:41pm 3/27/06 2:41pm

Milan Hosts Electronic Culture Gathering

Musicians and artists will be congregating in Milan on April 6,7 and 8 for a cornucopia of events surrounding digital music, culture and technology. Moving through 9 different venues, there promises to be something interesting for anyone involved. Art exhibitions will flow into designer showcases and the evenings… » 3/27/06 8:59am 3/27/06 8:59am

Toshiba v604T with TV Tuner

The new V604T phone from Toshiba adds an analog TV and FM tuner to the standard mix of features including a 1.3-megapixel camera, music player, and miniSD card among others. Toshiba's press release advises that analog TV will be unavailable as of 2011—as if anyone keeps a cell phone for five years anyway. The phone… » 3/27/06 8:57am 3/27/06 8:57am

Pimpstar LED Car Rims

These Pimpstar rims are programmable using a Wi-Fi equipped laptop and can display images as you roll down the street. The LEDs are full color so there is no limit to what you can display on them, and the software allows you to rotate through a series of six different images per wheel. The wheels are carwash-safe and… » 3/27/06 8:56am 3/27/06 8:56am

Foldable Crutches

To prevent adding insult to injury, these foldable crutches make it easier for someone to put away long, awkward crutches when they are not needed. The innovation was driven from need, as one of the designers at Astro Design in San Francisco uses crutches. Starting as an arms-length pod these crutches can easily be… » 3/27/06 8:52am 3/27/06 8:52am

FlexiSPY Pro: Spy On That Cell Phone

As if you weren't in enough trouble, FlexiSPY will now drive the last nail in the coffin of your relationship by allowing you to spy on all aspects of your spouse's phone use. The software allows a sickening amount of privacy-invading features. Not content to just let you eavesdrop on phone calls and SMS messages,… » 3/27/06 8:50am 3/27/06 8:50am

Street Sweepers Take Pictures, Give Tickets

Somewhere there is a think-tank devoted solely to the creation of new and innovative ways to give you tickets. Red light cameras are commonplace, and we've written before about parking meters that take your picture to aid in ticketing. More recently we showed you the emergence of sound cameras to ticket you for your… » 3/27/06 6:00am 3/27/06 6:00am

Neon Genesis Evangelion Bike

This week's Tokyo International Anime Fair saw the debut of the EVA 01 bike, modeled after the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion series. The bike has a six-speed Shimano transmission, suspension for front and rear and can be folded into a more compact shape. To the dismay of fanboys everywhere, this model is colored to… » 3/26/06 9:40pm 3/26/06 9:40pm

Programmable Soda Bottles

Ipfini offers the ability to program your soda with up to 32 different combinations. The patent-pending bottle design has aroma, flavor and color buttons on the side. The bottle is filled with basic carbonated high-fructose water and the user hits additives to taste. For instance, press the cherry flavor button and… » 3/26/06 6:42pm 3/26/06 6:42pm

Thermaltake's Temperature Display Case Fan

This Thermaltake case fan will be a big hit with the case mod crowd. The 80mm fan has a red LED to display the case temperature and Thermaltake logo while it spins at 2,000 RPM. The fan comes in two versions, the iFlash mini and the iFlash 12. The latter version trades in the logo for red, green, and blue alternating… » 3/26/06 3:30pm 3/26/06 3:30pm

Bogart-era Skype handset from Digital Cowboy

Net Cowboy brings us this Skype DC-NCTEL1 handset that is a throwback to a 1930s style phone. A rotary dial would have been fantastic, but no one would know how to use that anyway. Regardless, this has all the allure of a phone from a Bogart movie or great-grandma's house. A USB 1.1 interface powers the phone and it… » 3/26/06 3:23pm 3/26/06 3:23pm

Biodegradable Containers

Its not your mother's TupperWare—these containers break down in compost heaps in about 2 months. Made from corn resin, these sorts of holders are all the rage for cold and warm (less than 110 degrees Fahrenheit) foods and are US made. There is no shortage of container shapes and these are perfect for holding… » 3/20/06 1:28pm 3/20/06 1:28pm

CellAntenna CAE750 Boosts Cell Signal for Emergency Use

The CellAntenna CAE750 Dual-Band Rapid Deployment Cellular Repeater System (RDCRS) could have helped with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where cell phone signals were weak or non-existent. Communication was a major hurdle to not only rescue efforts but to the survivors trying to reach friends or relatives outside… » 3/20/06 11:57am 3/20/06 11:57am


Jellio, maker of all things cute and bright for your home, will be unleashing candy-inspired GummiLights on April 15. These squishy lights are modeled after the the GummiBear candy and are powered by two lithium batteries that give some 20 hours of sweet, sweet mood lighting via rectal LEDs. To make the look and feel… » 3/20/06 11:33am 3/20/06 11:33am

M-32 MGL - Deadly and Versatile

Video game weapons are now in active use by the military in the form of the M-32 MGL. The weapon uses 40mm ammunition that would be a fine addition to Unreal or Quake, let alone Fallujah or Baghdad. In fact, this is the next-generation of the weapon used by Arnold Schwarzenegger and his crew in Predator. Accurate up… » 3/20/06 11:18am 3/20/06 11:18am

Jindo To Fill Your Need for Robot Dogs

Nature and marketeers abhor a vacuum, and so the hole left by the demise of Sony's robot dog Aibo will soon be filled with another, more ambitious design. Jindo—Hindi for "alive"—has specifications that are both impressive and head-scratching. The Korean developer of Jindo, Eungsang Park, has given it a Navigator… » 3/20/06 10:49am 3/20/06 10:49am

USB Concept Designs: Bras to Locks

Some cool USB design concepts were shown in Munich at Universal Connections. Ranging from USB-for-art's-sake to merely fanciful, the show also had items that were almost practical. The USB lock pictured, for example comes very close to being a useful device if the lock hasp wouldn't prevent a connection. The USB bra… » 3/20/06 10:30am 3/20/06 10:30am